About Us

About Us

We started with a conversation……….


One day I came home and saw a bunch of boxes on my front door step. They were from Amazon and Sephora and I knew one my favorite people on the planet, Tara, had been shopping online and had bought some pretty cool stuff for our house.

Later, I was talking to one of our wealth management experts about how awesome it would be if people could directly invest the rebates they received from online shopping. He said yeah that would be excellent and we started to search out how people could do that.

We found out that nothing existed!

After talking with two major players in the Cash Back world and discussing the idea… and their love for the idea but absolutely no action at all toward doing anything about it we finally said, “why not create it ourselves”!

As a successful wealth manager, serial entrepreneur and shopping junkie we looked into it and jumped on the possibility…..

What if we could take the best ideas of shopping – cash back – multi–tiered income dynamics and direct “robo” investing to create a brand new paradigm for fun with shopping and wealth creation in America?!

What came from that idea is NvestBates.com, the only place on the internet where you can shop at your favorite stores, learn about awesome new stores, invite friends and have cash back automatically invested for your future. Because we’ve partnered with AmericasRetirementPlan.com you have an insanely easy way to create financial freedom from doing what you already do and love – shop!

Doug Reed is the president and CEO of RG Dynamic Markets, LLC, the owner of NvestBates.com. We also have partnerships with the Reed Financial Group as well as AmericasRetirementPlan.com which is available through Reed Financial Group.

Through these companies, we help you have fun, create and manage wealth for retirement, as well as other financial goals so you can, well, shop and have the time fo your life!

We’re looking to add to our team of NvestBates Cash Back Investment Community employees to make your experience here the best it ever could be.

Ready to Enjoy Shopping + Cash Back + Investing for Your Future.

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